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Lawyers using for HIGH Court and Supreme Court - Black Colour

We Provide Advocate Gowns. We recommend this product as a must-have to any lawyer who loves the courtroom. Embracing Indian textiles, with breathing fabrics & geometrical patterns to be enjoyed in our everyday modern living. All our gowns are own make .

Our Product Highlights

Ideal for Legal fraternity

Comfortable to wear

Excellent Stitching

Long Lasting Colors

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Custom Made Lawyer Coats & Gowns Wear

All Your Orders are custom Made you can personalize details such as the collar style & color, button threads color, cuffs style & color, and adding your own initials

We Provide Advocate Gowns and coatsin Various Design and Cloth Quality. All our gowns are owb make as we believe in supporting the Indian economy
Why Lawyer Coat & Lawyer Gown ?

In India, the Advocate’s Act 1961 makes Coat and gown mandatory for advocates appearing in the supreme court., high courts, subordinate courts, to wear a dress that is sober and dignified.The dress code is not merely a status symbol, but brings out discipline among lawyers and gives them the confidence to fight for justice.

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Variety of Advocate Gowns

Advocate Gowns

Advocate Court gowns meet the requirements of the Law Society. We offer high quality Teri cotton fabric used for lawyer coat

Economy Range

Manufactured from good quality fabric

Executive Range

Executive Range For the more descerning buyer who demands only the best. Manufactered from only the best fabric

Magistrate Gowns

We offer both Regional and District Magistrate Gowns.

Prosecutor Gowns

we are also sell prosecutor gowns.

Graduation Gowns

Customise your gown and cap sizes for the perfect fit. All our graduation attire is made of the highest quality.

Convocation Gowns

We presently having different styles as they are used by most institutions in India



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